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Kindergarten Diary Year

Normal Hours of Operations

A.M Session - 8.30am to 11.30am
P.M Session - 11.30am to 2.30pm

In the event of any HALF DAY SESSION,
the operation hours would be as follow unless stated otherwise:
A.M Session - 8.30am to 10.00am
P.M Session - 10.00am to 11.30am

The Kindergarten will observe all gazette public holidays.
These public holidays will not be listed below.

Term 1

Feb 04 Chinese New Year Celebration  
Feb 07 Kindergarten  Declared Chinese New Year Holiday
Mar 13 N1 Excursion  &  K2  Bring Parents to School Day
Mar 14 N2 & K1 Excursion
Mar 15 Learning Journey

Term 2

Apr 18 Good Friday Special Programme   
May 24 Parents-Teachers's Meet Session (1) 
May 28 N1 & K2 Excursion
May 29 N2 & K1 Excursion
May 30 Learning Journey 
May 31 Fun & Games Day

Term 3

July 08 Youth Day (MOE Scheduled School Holiday)
July 19 Racial Harmony Day Celebration
Aug 08 National Day Celebration cum Sports' Day  
Aug 30 Kids Can Cook Programme
Sep 02 N1 & K2 Excursion
Sep 03

Sep 04
N2 & K1 Excursion

Learning Journey
Sep 05Teachers' Day Celebration
Sep 06
Teachers'Day (MOE Scheduled School Holiday)

Term 4

Oct 03 Children's Day Celebration 
Oct 04

Nov 01                       
Children's Day (MOE Scheduled School Holiday)

N2 & K1 Excursion
Nov 04 N1 & K2 Excursion
Nov 05 Learning Journey
Nov 06 N2 Motor Skills Workshop
Nov 07 K1 Around the World Workshop        
Nov 08 Orientation for 2019 Intake (No School For All Levels)
Nov 11 Parents-Teachers's Meet Session (2) 
Nov 12              K2 Graduation Camp  Day 1 
Nov 13 
K2 Graduation Camp  Day 2 
Nov 14 K2 Concert cum Graduation Ceremony 
Nov 15           Kindergarten Holiday (Day After Concert)
*Above schedule subject to changes without prior notice